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USB rechargeable windproof kitchen electric arc lighter cigarette lighter, electric arc lighter.

Suitable for camping, hiking, barbecue, candles, kitchen, fireplace, fireworks, etc.

The invention of the lighter was originally purely for ignition. With the rapid development of technology, arc lighter with no liquid and no flame brings convenience to people's lives. Just like the extreme popularity of tactical flashlights, these electronic lighters are growing due to their versatility and healthy conscious alternatives.
This new electric arc lighter is with the following features:

[Wind and Moisture]: - The perfect tool for lighting in windy weather. Windproof and splash proof, lighter can easily light up in bad weather for a long time.

[Economy and Environmental Protection]: USB rechargeable design with built-in lithium battery to prevent battery pollution and save your money.

[Safe and durable]: ① Use an arc without flame, odor and toxic fuel, no need for gas and liquid. ②7s automatically shuts down, safer and more reliable. ③anti-child switch protection on/off button to prevent children from getting away from fire.

[Portable and convenient]: This rechargeable arc lighter easily light candles and gas stove without worrying that the flame will burn your hands. Ideal for indoor and outdoor activities, especially for travel camping, hiking, barbecue, candles, cooking, fireplaces, fireworks, etc.

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