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Igniter refers to a device that can provide enough energy to ignite pulverized coal, oil (gas) fuel and stabilize the flame in a moment. There are commercial stoves and civil furnaces for igniters: commercial applications are mainly used in catering kitchen stove ignition systems. Because the use environment of catering kitchens is more complicated, the choice of igniters is stricter than civilian use. Civilian is mainly used for ignition and installation of household stoves. The use environment is simpler than that of food and beverage stoves.



The composition of the igniter is mainly composed of a power source, an ignition coil, a distributor, an ignition switch, a spark plug,

Additional resistors and shorting devices, high and low voltage wires, etc.

1. Power supply: It consists of battery and generator. At startup, the ignition system supplies low-voltage power from the battery; after startup, when the generator voltage is higher than the battery voltage, the ignition system supplies low-voltage power from the generator.

2. Ignition coil: converts the 12V low-voltage power provided by the car power into a high-voltage power that can break through the gap of the spark plug electrode.

3. Distributor: Under the driving of the generator camshaft, the primary current of the ignition coil is turned on and off on time, so that the ignition coil generates high-voltage electricity in time, and the high-voltage electricity is transmitted to the spark plugs of each cylinder according to the ignition sequence; The adjustment of the ignition timing is artificially achieved. The function of the capacitor is to reduce the spark of the breaker contact and increase the secondary voltage of the ignition coil.

4. Ignition switch: control the on/off of the low voltage circuit of the ignition system to control the starting and extinguishing of the generator.

5. Spark plug: Introduce high-voltage electricity into the combustion chamber to generate an electric spark to ignite the mixture.

6. Additional resistance shorting device: Short-circuit the additional resistance when starting, increase the primary current of the ignition coil, and enhance the sparking energy of the spark plug at startup.

There are roughly three types of types:

Electronic pulse igniter: pulse type is small because of low power, so the ignition energy is low, and the spark temperature is low. For a mixture of high-flammable gas and low concentration, the blasted burner ignites when ignited. The rate is low, and there are often safety accidents such as no point or deflagration, and it is not possible to continuously burn the burner that burns the fuel for a long time.

Electronic high-frequency high-voltage igniter: high power, high ignition energy produces high spark temperature, but the ignition time is generally less than 5 minutes, otherwise it is easy to heat, burn out, and bulky and heavy, difficult to install and transport.

Coil steel plate igniter: high power, high energy, high spark temperature, ignition time of about 10 minutes, otherwise the heat is burnt out, the volume is small and light, but the domestic quality is not good, it is imported into 90% market.

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