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Development trend of igniter technology

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With the rapid development of electronic processing technology and the improvement of the cost performance of electronic components, DC and pulse electronic igniter has become main ignition device for agricultural machinery, garden machinery, wedding equipment, gas appliances, etc., widely used in fog machine. Agricultural machinery such as fog machines, electronic salutes, gas stoves, gas water heaters, fuel heaters, fuel furnaces, gas engines and stoves in the industrial sector. However, the ignition of electronic igniters is noisy, and the reliability of high-voltage switching electronic devices needs to be improved, especially in order to achieve reliable ignition of different quality equipment in different altitudes, ignition frequency and ignition energy of electronic igniters. Higher requirements are required, and in-depth research and development and production of low-voltage and high-reliability high-voltage (above 20 k V) switching diodes are required. The electronic circuit oscillator circuit can be made into a series of integrated module devices, and the ignition frequency is increased from 6 to 10 Hz. Around 70k Hz, the human ear can not hear the discharge sound, achieve the purpose of silent ignition, and can continuously fire and reliably ignite. Therefore, the development technology of high-reliability oscillation switch circuit integrated module, high-frequency large-energy output technology, patch electronic technology application, ultra-compact volume design technology, etc., will become the development trend of China's igniter technology.

2017年9月14日 10:14