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Why is the price of the igniter different?

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 There are many manufacturers of igniters, and different manufacturers use different quality electronic components as raw materials. So often customers ask why the price of this model igniter is much more   expensive than that of the model igniter? Many customers are not very professional, I do not know where the price difference comes from, let's take a detailed analysis of why the igniter price is not the same.

  First of all, whether the product you choose is a regular product or a non-standard custom model. In general, if you need special specifications, if you do not reach a certain amount, you need to open the     mold, and the price allocated to each product will be high.

  Second, depending on the purpose of the product, the configuration is different, and the type of igniter is different. There are many price differences between pulse igniters and high-energy igniters.

  Pulse igniters are generally used to ignite flammable liquids and gases such as methane, ethane, methanol, ethanol, gasoline, liquefied gas, and pipeline gas.

  High-energy igniters generally refer to large ignition power and can ignite atomized kerosene, diesel and other liquid fuels.

  Third, whether there are special needs, such as customized new products, need to achieve some international certification. This product certification requires a lot of cost and effort.

  Undoubtedly will increase the cost of the product.

  The fourth is the quantity: The so-called large quantity discount, the quantity is also the main factor affecting the price.

  The above four points are the main reasons affecting the price of the igniter. I hope that the customers can clearly specify the product model they need when consulting the igniter product.

  Application location, technical configuration requirements, so that we can recommend a more suitable igniter.

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