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Igniter manufacturing technology

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High voltage module

According to the type of igniter, it can be divided into two types: machining manufacturing and electronic processing manufacturing. Igniters of piezo electric ceramic technology and igniters of electrothermal technology are classified as machining manufacturing, and igniters of pulse electronic technology are classified as electronic processing manufacturing. Machining and manufacturing igniters are mainly made of metal stamping and forming mechanical processing technology, piezo electric ceramic sheet cutting processing technology, and wire bonding processing technology (electrical heating technology, igniter heater chip and power input line are generally connected by crimping), assembly process, and inspection. Process composition. Machining and manufacturing igniter processes can be completed in a unitary manner. Therefore, most of China's manufacturing companies currently use subcontracted parts for processing and assembly, and the manufacturing technology is relatively simple. The igniter of pulse electronic technology is composed of a plurality of electronic components, which are mainly composed of an oscillating transformer processing technology, a high-voltage skeleton processing process, a winding processing process, an insulating material packaging process, an electronic circuit assembly process, an assembly process, and a detection process. The process of manufacturing igniters by electronic processing needs to be completed continuously. Therefore, most of the manufacturing enterprises in China currently use continuous processing and assembly of flowing water, and the manufacturing technology is complicated.

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