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Is the mosquito swatter safe?

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Safe. Electric mosquito swatters mainly use 4V rechargeable high-capacity lead-acid batteries or 2.4v NiMH/NiCd batteries, which are also useful for dry batteries. In the work, the booster circuit generates high-voltage electricity of about 1850V DC between the two-layer power grid (the current is less than 10 mA, which is harmless to humans and animals). The electrostatic field between the two power grids has strong adsorption force, when mosquitoes, etc. When pests are close to the grid, they can be drawn into the grid, and the resulting short-circuit current will follow. The high-voltage electricity generated by the electric mosquito swatter can also release a certain amount of negative oxygen ions, which can both disinfect and purify the air.

The electronic high-pressure mosquito killer has been widely used by people for its practical, convenient, anti-mosquito (fly or moth, etc.) effect, no chemical pollution, safety and health, etc., and has gradually become an indispensable tool for summer pest control. , became the best-selling small household appliances in summer.

When purchasing an electric mosquito swatter, one should pay attention to whether there is information such as the standard number, production date, factory address, and manufacturer's telephone number on the outer packaging. Second, we must pay attention to whether there is a "lightning" danger sign or a "dangerous high pressure" warning on the electric mosquito swatter. 3. It depends on whether the instruction manual includes the device to be kept away from children, can not be used in places where flammable gas or explosive dust may exist, and whether there are detailed methods, cycles and leakage prevention measures. If “lightning” is used, Whether the mark has a detailed explanation of its meaning, etc. A good quality mosquito swatter can be identified by observing the handle, the grid and related signs. The authentic electric mosquito swatter handle is made of engineering plastics, and the gloss is very good. The defective products are often processed by recycled plastic, which not only has burrs, but also has a high possibility of breaking. The grid of a good quality electric mosquito swatter is generally a three-layer structure, and the distance between adjacent layers is large, and it seems that the power grid is relatively thick. At the same time, the electric mosquito swatters produced by regular manufacturers are marked with the product name, operation method, factory address, factory name and other information, and the product is accompanied by instructions.

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