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Advantages of TW Electric Fly Killer

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TW-09 blue

      Electric mosquito swatter kill mosquitoes, flies moths, spiders and other insects without producing any pollution

  1. Since thevoltage of the electric screen of Electric Fly killer is high, it can make the air ionized in working to produce a certain amount of ozone and negative oxygen ions, helping disinfection.

  2. Electric mosquito racket uses double-layered (one sparse and one dense) electric screens, and two AA batteries to drive the high-voltage integrated circuit to produce a high voltage of about 7000v (which produces weak current, although having a high voltage, harmless to humans and animals). There is a strong electrostatic field between two layers of electric screens. When mosquitoes, flies and other flying insects get close to the electric screens, they will be absorbed into between these two electric screens, and be killed instantly.

  3. The high voltage circuit of Skynet Electric Flyswatter is Vacuum packaged with epoxy resin, and is resistant to shock, moisture, corrosion and high temperature. It will not be damaged in normal use. 

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