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Features of TIANWANG pulse electronic igniter

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The pulse electronic igniter is  generates a continuous transient pulse high voltage discharge to generate a spark, thereby igniting gas with flame of electronic product. The pulse electronic igniter generates a pulse voltage from a pulse high-frequency oscillator, and forms a pulse high voltage of 15 k V or more through transformer circuit to perform tip discharge, and the spark in the burner ignites gas in the burner. This igniter has a high ignition rate and can be continuously discharged. When the knob is pressed, the pulse igniter starts to ignite; when knob is released, pulse igniter stops ignition.

The features of pulse electronic igniter are:

1. The ignition frequency is stable, the arc is long, and the performance is reliable.

2. The pulse discharge frequency is 6~10 Hz. The total discharge time can be adjusted by additional circuit design, generally 6~15 s.

3, Powerful, can directly ignite liquid fuel such as atomized heavy oil.

4. The ignition needle, high-pressure rubber wire and igniter are convenient to connect, safe and reliable.

5. The number of ignition heads and ignition power can be manufactured according to customer's requirements.

6. The pulse igniter can be used for direct ignition of gas fuel, liquid fuel burner or torch, and no other auxiliary ignition means is needed. The disadvantage is that the temperature resistance is poor, and an external power supply is required to ignite.

7, pulse electronic technology igniter is mainly suitable for high-end gas appliances, such as civilian gas stoves, gas water heaters, car engines, military products.

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