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Inamori Kazuo Management Philosophy and Staff Handbook Training

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First CEO Speech ,then teacher Choi explained Inamori's management philosophy of total probability,after that the Ministry of Finance Executives to Lead us to learn the employee handbook , finally Tianwang General Manager's summary of the meeting.
1. Ideologically highly consistent, so we must learn the management philosophy of Inamori Kazuo.
2. The action is highly consistent, so learn the employee handbook to make relevant constraints.
Under the concept of "King Heaven and Love People", adhere to the principle of implementing the right things in the right way. Follow the law of development of things, exert subjective initiative, and make full use of objective conditions.What is the purpose of working hard and honing the soul? It is to have the heart of "altruism."Altruism is the basic starting point for being a man. For the enterprise, it is altruistic business, this is the customer, the employee, everything from the customer's point of view. This also confirms the mission of our Skynet company - "do every product, serve every customer".The business philosophy of heart-based is that everyone is the operator "the beginning of the person, the nature is good", with the initial heart "How to be a good people" to think about doing things.Maximize revenue and minimize costs by leveraging everyone’s ingenuity.
3. The result of life + work = way of thinking * enthusiasm * ability, life, career results are determined by the three elements of thinking, enthusiasm and ability.Among them, the way of thinking is the most important. A person is good, not selfish, and has a grateful heart. Inamori Kazuo believes there is no shortcut to the road to life. Working very hard can change your life. Everything is to pursue perfection, to be the best, not to be better, to produce products with superior quality and impeccable customers.
4. Every people in Tianwang need to establish a simple and positive way of thinking, constantly improve understanding, strive to grasp the essential laws of things, and strengthen the study of professional knowledge and skills.Committed to continuous improvement of job work, Strive to enhance personal value and do our part for the company's development .
We believe that tianwang company will be even better in future!

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