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3Q6S Management System Promotion Conference held on July 2, 2016

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Today, we held a 3Q6S promotion meeting together. We visited the fully automatic workshop. While seeing the fully automatic production line on the tall, we also saw that they strictly implemented the 3Q6S. Every item was neatly arranged and huge. There is no dust on the machine. There is no dead corner in the workshop, the corner is clean, all the slogans are in place, you can see the role of each machine at a glance, the person in charge, the trash can also have a clear position, everything It seems so orderly. Not only is the workshop so clean, but even the toilets are as clean as new, and the mops are placed on the mop shelves in an orderly manner. Today's visit to tell the truth, I was shocked, I can't imagine, our workshop can be as beautiful as the Japanese workshop in the 3Q6S speech. I think our other colleagues should feel this way after seeing it all. I also believe that all other departments will do the same.

Of course, the learning of 3Q6S is not only as simple as it seems, but also has a lot of connotations and values. It is not only staying in visible objects, environment, but also our spirit, which can change our spiritual world.
We must seize this opportunity, learn the good timing of 3Q6S, in-depth arrangement, and rectify our spiritual world. I believe that as long as we study in depth, we will be able to learn the essence and mystery.

The world is a process of quantitative change to qualitative change. The accumulation of quantity has accumulated to a certain extent, which inevitably causes qualitative change. With our deep study and mastery, we will be able to accumulate bit by bit changes and achieve our achievements. future.
Through the 6S learning and implementation of the production workshop and working environment, we not only realize that a good and clean working environment can improve work efficiency, create a happy working atmosphere, and deeply feel that 6S learning is not only surface cleansing. The cleansing of the material is the cleansing of the spirit, the finishing of the spirit, the rectification, the orderly ordering, the change from qualitative to quantitative, and continuous cleaning to keep it clean.
In ancient times, Baishan filial piety was the first, and Kong Rong made the story of pear a household name. Nowadays, in the impetuous social environment, we must also polish our eyes and maintain a calm heart, not drifting. Bamboo young roots, and finally grow into towering trees, we can only grow better by being firmly rooted in the soil of Tianwang

1. Confirm the goal, improve the comprehensive ability through learning, meet the market, and meet a better future.
2, to improve the realm, can we drive us forward.
3, in accordance with the 6S standard to form a written plan to maximize benefits
4, the ultimate goal: to control the total amount of employees, inject good nutrition, so that the company develops in the direction of health and long-term survival.

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