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How to use the gas stove igniter

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The gas stove igniter is an important component of the gas stove. Its existence guarantees the effect of the user to a certain extent, so the user can learn some knowledge about the gas stove igniter and can reduce some troubles. Help solve problems.

The counter measures for the gas stove igniter is broken:

    1. Check if the parts inside are touched due to cleaning, etc., loosely adjust to the original position, check whether the hose should be changed, and remove the impurities at the pressure reducing nozzle.

    2. If the cooker igniter fails, you can try to use artificial ignition, which is basically safe. During the ignition process, the automatic ignition of the cooker ensures the synchronization of the fire and the gas. When artificially igniting, as long as the flame precedes the gas, the safety is guaranteed; if the knob is first turned on and then ignited, the accumulated gas is likely to form a deflagration, which is unsafe and should be avoided.

Need to be reminded: Today's stoves are mostly equipped with flameout protection. Some flameout protection is independent of the igniter, such as thermocouple device. When the igniter of the cooker is faulty, the flameout protection device can operate independently, after artificial ignition. The cooker can be burned normally and the safety is not reduced. In addition, the flameout protection device of some cookers is integrated in the pulse igniter. When the igniter fails, the cooker may not supply the gas normally. If you want to continue using it, you need to remove the closing spring in the solenoid valve. At this time, the cooker no longer has The flameout protection function can not be used when people use it.

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