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Igniter into the environmental protection industry

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Along with the increasing attention of the State to environmental protection, as well as the continuous development of industry. Cities impose severe restrictions on emissions of waste gas, waste water, etc. Traditional firecrackers debris dust, coal-fired boiler soot caused by the urban environment and air pollution, in order to achieve the "Also I a blue sky" of the beautiful ideal, now many large and medium-sized cities have banned the setting off firecrackers and coal-fired boilers, replaced by electronic gun guns, electronic firecrackers, fuel, gas boilers. In fuel and gas boilers, the most important component is the burner, and the igniter is one of the key electronic components in the burner.

This equipment directly affects the environmental protection performance of the boiler, in the electronic gun and Firecracker machine, the igniter also plays a key ignition role, directly affecting the operation of the machine and ignition effect. In order to adapt to the needs of market development, so our igniter technical requirements are also more and more high, after all, it is related to the daily operation of certain industries, once there is a problem, it is bound to bring great losses and troubles to enterprises. Jiangsu Skynet Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. has been strict control of products, to ensure that igniter products ignition reliable, anti-coking, anti-carbon, high temperature does not remove fire, ignition energy is large, durable. To achieve energy-saving, environmental protection, economic purposes. Now our company R & amp; D of high-efficiency energy-saving igniter has been widely used in agriculture, electricity, petrochemical, metallurgy, aviation, aerospace and other ignition fields. For the customer to bring the real benefits.

2018年12月7日 16:52