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The First Automatic Shell Remover

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Extra New of Tianwang,the first automatic shell remover was born! Under the leadership of the Minister of Technology department Hou Fenghua, Zhang Kede from the technical department,who is responsible for the mechanical aspects. Mr.Liu, the glue filling staff, who is responsible for the electrical circuit and programming, and jointly developed and manufactured the first fully automatic shell remover of Tianwang. This product is the combination of thinking collision and wisdom. 

The automatic shell remover is not only exquisite and compact, but also its function is even more appreciative. The shell remover is frame-type and is used together with a small oven. Due to the special material of the high voltage generator shell, the product is required to be warmed before the shell is removed, and our shell remover is equipped with a thermostat for precise temperature control. There are four switches on the shell remover, which are the main power supply, temperature control switch, punch switch and alarm prompt switch. The main power switch can cut off the power directly in case of emergency to ensure the safety of the operator. It is worth mentioning that the designer added a stamping and counting display on the shell remover, which not only reduces the operator's workload, but also ensures the accuracy of the quantity in the production process. 

The working principle of the automatic shell remover is designed to imitate the working principle of the punching machine. The combination of electric and gas phase is used to instantly separate the high voltage generator from the outer casing, and the plastic outer casing is removed by the suction cup. Mr.Liu is more thoughtful in programming settings. The solution to the problems that will occur during the work is programmed into the program, which enables the machine automatically switch between working states. The fully automatic shell remover greatly reduces the operator's work intensity and further improves production efficiency. As long as we all maintain this spirit of innovation and enthusiasm,we believe that there will be more and more fully automatic machines coming in the future.

2018年12月7日 17:06