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TW-903 Tianwang Electric Candle Lighter FAQ--Wholesale Electronic Usb Lighter

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Many customers will ask a lot of questions about the product before buying the Tianwang arc lighter. Now I will take a look at the most common problems of bbq arc lighter (take TW-903 candle lighter as an example):

1. Can the product be charged?

Our TW-903 bbq lighter uses USB charging with USB cable included in the package, which can be recycled many times.

2. What kind of battery does the arc lighter use? Is it removable?

The long plasma lighters all use built-in polymer lithium batteries, which are not removable. The capacity of the battery is 200MA, the discharge current is 5A, and it takes about 2 hours to full charge.

3. Does arc lighter have circuit protection function? ,

The circuit protection device has overcharge and overdischarge protection, 7s automatic power off, full charge protection, effective anti-leakage.

4. What certificates do you have?

We have CE & FCC and ROHS certifications, as well as battery MSDS.


5. How many times can it be used after full charge?

According to the frequency of use and the time of each ignition, which affects the number of uses, generally it is about 40-50 times.

6. What is the ignition distance?

The ignition distance of arc lighter is 4-5mm.

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