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What are the main tests for high frequency electronic transformers?

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Although a high frequency transformer is a very small electronic component, it needs to be inspected layer by layer from production to shipment. If the product testing is reduced in order to reduce the cost of electronic transformers, the unqualified products will flow into the market, and the life and quality of the products will be greatly reduced, which will have a negative impact on the Tianwang brand.

The power transformer will mainly do the following three (not limited to these three) tests:

1. Insulation resistance, the insulation resistance between each winding of the high-frequency transformer and the core and shielding layer should be greater than 1000MΩ under normal conditions, and should not be lower than 10MΩ after high temperature test and constant damp heat test. The DC voltage for testing insulation resistance is 500V.

2. Dielectric strength, the high frequency electronic transformer should be able to withstand a frequency of 50Hz and a voltage of 3500V between the primary and secondary windings, iron core and shielding layer, and a voltage of 50Hz and 1000V between the secondary winding and the iron core and shielding layer. function without breakdown and arcing.

3. In the induced voltage test, the inter-turn and inter-layer insulation of the transformer should be able to withstand twice the rated working voltage. During the test, the no-load current shall not increase significantly, and there shall be no breakdown, arcing, smoking or hot coil.


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