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Metal Rechargeable Stun Gun Flash Light

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Today, I have sorted out all the existing metal batons in our factory. Come and have a look with me. Of course, in addition to the product styles I introduced today, we also support customization. As long as you tell us your ideas, we can develop your products with you.

There have USB rechargeable stun gun ,rechargeable flashlight stun gun ,battery indicator self defense,lipstick taser gun, Rechargeable Stun Gun Flash Light, Rechargeable Stun Gun Self Defense, Flash Stun Gun,stun gun safety tool and so on.

Let's introduce some distinctive products



(1)Pen Shaped design,attractive appearance

(2)Stainless steel shell,colorful coating process,beautiful and delicate

(3)Use power protection switch for safer use

(4)Use polymer large-capacity lithium battery(with over-charge and over discharge protection),USB charging protection,USB charging.

(5)With Power display function easy to use for a long  time.

(6)With flashlight and battery Indicator


(1)The shell of the product is made of titanium alloy,the surface is made of the plating process and the weight of the product is very good.

(2)The product has hidden high voltage electric shock and good concealment performance.

(3)The tail of the product is very delicate,it is very comfortable to touch.

(4)This product has the function of the cyclic charge, it is durable and easy to change.

(5)The product is equipped with a special charger,making charging more stable.


(1)the use of high-frequency oscillator circuit and improve output current, high capacity DC discharge, energy output reached 5 times more than the original pulse electric baton;

(2)the use of imported super bright LED lights, lighting long time;

(3)built-in rechargeable portable; portable, handsome in appearance, concealed, effect shocking.

(4)this product has specialily lipstick design and is ideal self-defense products for carrying

If you want to know more product information or customize products, please feel free to contact us.




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