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Principle Of Insecticidal Lamp

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The principle of insecticidal lamps: insecticidal lamps are a physical control method that uses the phototaxis of pests to trap and kill them. Utilize the characteristics of phototaxis, wavetaxis, colortaxis, and taxis information of pests, set the wavelength, wave band, and wave frequency of light within a specific range, and use light at short distances and waves at long distances to induce the pests themselves The generated sexual information lures adults to hit the lamp, and the lamp is equipped with a high-voltage power grid to kill the pests, so that the pests fall into the insect receiving bucket under the lamp, so as to achieve the purpose of killing the pests.
The insecticidal lamp achieves the purpose of trapping and killing insects by using light, wave, color, and taste, coupled with a high-voltage power grid. Insecticidal lamps trap many types and large numbers of insects, reduce the number of eggs laid by pests, reduce the population base and density of insects, protect natural enemies while reducing the use of chemical pesticides, and delay the development of insecticide resistance in pests; harmless to humans and animals, and have little environmental pollution. Conducive to the protection of the ecological balance of the planting land. It is an effective comprehensive control method to prevent and control the occurrence of pests in vegetables and fruit trees and reduce the frequent use of pesticides.
Insecticidal lamps have a significant effect on the control of vegetable and fruit pests. The main pests are soybean leaf tortrix, pod borer, melon silkworm, great ape leaf beetle, cabbage armyworm, cutworm, litura, beet armyworm, mole cricket, tobacco There are more than 20 species of caterpillars, corn borers, cabbage borers, bean borers, and diamondback moths.
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