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Classification of tianwang ignition modules

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Tianwang Ignition module can be divided into two types according to the ignition mode, arc ignition and pulse igniter. According to the ignition material can be divided into gas ignition module, Fuel oil burner high voltage pulse igniter and open fire ignition. According to the input voltage can be divided into 3.7V, 5V, 12V, 24V, 110V, 220V Ignition module. The ignition module converts a low voltage into a high voltage current, and the electric energy generates an ignition arc, which generates energy and ignites combustibles.


Pulse igniter is generally used to ignite natural gas, liquefied gas, gas, atomized oil and other combustible, such combustible ignition point is low, easy to ignite, so the use of low power pulse ignition module can be, Pulse igniter is characterized by simple process, low raw material price, the price of the ignition module is relatively affordable. Most of them are used in gas stoves and smoke sprayer.


Arc ignition module can be divided into high-power arc ignition and open flame ignition. Compared with the pulse ignition module, the high-power ignition module is made of better raw materials, and the use of special circuits and processes makes the ignition module generate more high-power EDM, instantly increase the heat of the EDM, so that it can ignite the media that the pulse ignition module is difficult to ignite, such as oil, diesel and so on. And the ignition efficiency of the Fuel oil burner high voltage pulse igniter is as high as 99.9%, which can be widely used in boilers, burners, kilns and other industrial fields.

The open flame ignition module can produce an open flame that can ignite flammable objects such as paper, fireworks, cigarettes, etc. Its advantages are small size and low cost, and it is generally used in electronic lighters, magic props, fireworks igniters and other small igniters.


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