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High voltage electrostatic generator for thawing cabinet

Food thawing and preservation, High voltage electrostatic generator for thawing cabinet

High voltage electrostatic generator for thawing cabinet

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The electrostatic generator has 12V High voltage electrostatic generator module, 24V,110V and 220V input options. The size and parameters can be customized.

The number one rule of defrosting food is safety -- bacteria can multiply quickly after two hours out of the freezing environment.  It's very common, but it's not the right thing to do.  Because in the process of food thawing, the outflow of juice will bring out protein, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients, are water-soluble, soaking in cold water, will lead to the loss of its nutrition.  High voltage electrostatic thawing is a new thawing technology with high efficiency, synchronous and uniform thawing of meat and low nutrient loss rate, which can effectively improve the color of frozen meat, inhibit bacteria and improve the quality of meat.


Food thawing and preservation, High voltage electrostatic generator for thawing cabinet

High voltage electrostatic power supply for meat preservation Technical parameter :

1) Power supply voltage: 220 V

2) Output voltage: -20kV

3) Input current:13.6mA

4) Output current: depand on load

5) Rated power: 3W

5) Environmental temperature: -20 ℃ -55 ℃

6) Relative humidity:<95%

Note: Small red and black line is input, red is 220V power supply, thick red line is high voltage output, thick black line is ground electrode.


Advantage of High voltage electrostatic generator module

1. Careful circuit design, stable performance, can work continuously for a long time.

2. Made in the manufacturing process and compact structure

3. Fine craft design, which is convenient for maintenance and diversification of products to meet the different requirements of customers.

4. The simple and generous adjustment button has greatly reduced the difficulty of the operational personnel.

High voltage electrostatic power supply for meat preservation


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