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high voltage generator for ESL speaker

The high frequency transformer for inverter produced by jiangsu Tianwang Factory ,has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing dc high voltage transformer

The application of high voltage generator for ESL speaker is mainly used to drive the electromagnetic coil of loudspeaker to produce sound. A high frequency transformer for inverter is an electronic device that converts a low voltage into a high voltage, usually used to drive a high-voltage appliance or generate a high-voltage electric field.

In a loudspeaker, a dc high voltage transformer is used to provide enough voltage to drive an electromagnetic coil, causing it to vibrate and produce sound. The magnetic coil produces sound by generating a magnetic field that pushes against the diaphragm of the speaker.

The high frequency transformer for inverter is characterized by the ability to provide enough voltage to drive the electromagnetic coil of the loudspeaker, allowing it to produce high quality sound. In addition, the dc high voltage transformer also has high stability, high efficiency, good reliability and other characteristics, suitable for a variety of loudspeaker applications.

high voltage generator for ESL speaker parameter:

Input voltage of 6 to 12V

for example : if the input is 6 v, the output voltage will be 1500V;

if the input is 9 v, the output voltage will be 2250V;

if the DC input is 12 volts, the output will be 3000 v;

The output current is 2MA.

total power does not exceed 5W watts.

The high frequency transformer for inverter produced by jiangsu Tianwang Factory ,has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing dc high voltage transformer, booster modules and electronic ignition coils. Experienced sales team can provide timely solutions, to provide long-term, efficient, intimate sales services. More than technical personnel to provide customers with professional customized design, high voltage generator for ESL speaker proofing, professional testing, to help customers solve worries.


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