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High Frequency High Voltage Transformer For Wall Mounted Gas Boiler

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high voltage gas stove igniter


Gas ignition wall-mounted gas boilers, water heaters, and waste oil burner are efficient, convenient, and comfortable heating and hot water supply equipment commonly used in modern households. These devices use gas as the fuel, which is ignited by the ignition coil to generate high-temperature and high-pressure flames, thereby achieving the heating or hot water supply of the boiler, water heater, and gas stove.

Wall-mounted gas boilers have a compact size and features such as rapid heating and high efficiency, making them suitable for heating small and medium-sized homes and apartments, and can achieve automatic indoor temperature control. Water heaters can meet household bathing needs and provide warm and comfortable bathing water at any time.

The ignition coil of fuel oil and gas burner is a modern ignition device that uses high-voltage electric spark ignition technology to quickly and accurately ignite the gas stove with safety and reliability.

Gas ignition wall-mounted gas boilers, water heaters, and ignition transformer for gas burner are important equipment for modern household heating and hot water supply, providing people with convenient, comfortable, and safe living experiences.


ignition coil of fuel oil and gas burner


Magnetic Core

Ferrite Core,Mn-Zn/Ni-Zn


Copper Wire


Single,three Phase

Coil structure:



epoxy resin

Storage temperature


Working Temperature


Output Voltage


Temperature Rise

up to 40 ℃

Resistance to Solder Heat:



Standard Carton


ignition coil


gas stove ignition coil


The product characteristics of the gas stove ignition coil mainly include:

1.High frequency and high voltage: using high frequency and high voltage technology, the ignition speed is fast and the success rate is high.

2.Heat resistance: using high temperature resistant materials to ensure stable operation under high temperature environment of the stove head.

3.Long service life: excellent manufacturing process and long service life, reducing replacement and maintenance costs.

4.Safe and reliable: certified by electrical safety, safe and reliable.

The reasons for choosing Tianwang include:

1.Excellent quality: Tianwang is a professional enterprise engaged in research and development of high frequency and high voltage technology. The product quality is outstanding and can withstand market tests.

2.Precise manufacturing process: Tianwang adopts advanced manufacturing processes to ensure product stability and service life.

3.Perfect service system: Tianwang provides comprehensive pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services to ensure product quality and premium service experience.

4.Economical and affordable: Compared with similar brands, Tianwang's products are more economical and affordable.

Choosing Tianwang's high voltage gas stove igniter can obtain high-quality, long-life, safe and reliable, and economically priced products and perfect service experience.


ignition transformer


ignition transformer for gas burner


Q: What is a gas stove ignition coil?

A: A gas stove ignition coil is a device that uses high-frequency, high-voltage electricity to ignite gas. It is mainly composed of an iron core, coil, and insulating material.

Q: What is the lifespan of a gas stove ignition coil?

A: The lifespan of a gas stove ignition coil depends on usage frequency, but it can generally be used for several years or even longer with regular cleaning and maintenance.

Q: What should be noted when using a gas stove ignition coil?

A: When using a gas stove ignition coil, it should be kept dry and free from moisture or contamination to avoid affecting its ignition performance. At the same time, safety should also be taken into account during use to prevent fires and other dangers.

Q: How do you replace a gas stove ignition coil?

A: To replace a gas stove ignition coil, the burner head needs to be removed, and the replacement should be connected in accordance with the wiring diagram. It is recommended that a professional technician carry out this operation.

Q: What should I do if the gas stove ignition coil doesn't work?

A: If the gas stove ignition coil does not work, first check whether the power supply is normal, damaged, or disconnected. If the power supply is normal, further check whether the ignition coil is damaged or needs to be replaced.




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