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Emergency Self-defense Flashlight Torches Electric Arc with 500 Lumens

Self-defense flashlight is a multi-functional outdoor tool, mainly used for self-defense and lighting.



Self-defense flashlight is a multi-functional outdoor tool, mainly used for self-defense and lighting. It uses advanced arc ignition technology, which can release high temperature arc in a very short time, produce certain visual and auditory effects, and has a strong deterrent to the enemies who threaten the personal safety of users.


Lightning Arc Self-defense Sound Light Alarm Safety Survival Flashlight



Main Parameters:

Function: strong light flashlight, arc, sound and light alarm

Main material: aerospace grade including alloy

Low brightness: 20 lumens (15 hours of battery life)

Flash: 500 lumens (4 hours of battery life)

One button to trigger alarm, to seek help efficiently;

High voltage dual arcs, well prepared for ignition and self-defense in emergencies;

Arc parameters: 5S calculation per ignition, can be opened about 180 times

Sound and light alarm: When the battery is fully charged, it can continuously beep and flash for 1.5 hours

Dimensions: 22mm (tube diameter) X 140mm (length)

Charging: Type C charging interface, charging time≈2.5 hours

Weight: about 200g

Customized support: OEM, ODM, OBM



1. This self defense flashlight also has a lighting function, which can illuminate the surrounding environment. Its wide lighting range and high light brightness can meet the lighting needs of users in activities such as walking or camping at night. The brightness of the flashlight is also very high, can reach 500 lumen, enough to meet the user's indoor and outdoor lighting needs.

2. Self defense flashlight is equipped with far-infrared function and can be used to observe wild animals. In short, this flashlight is a versatile and safe outdoor tool, very suitable for all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts and people who need to protect their own safety.

3. Self defense flashlight also has a built-in one-click sound and light alarm device, when in an emergency, the user only needs to tap the button to issue a strong sound and flash effect to scare off the threat.

4. This flashlight torch also supports Type-C charging, which is convenient and fast.

5.Multi-functional survival flashlight, it uses advanced high-strength double arc technology, can quickly release high-temperature arc, effectively protect the user's personal safety, while built-in one-click sound and light alarm device, easy to use in emergency situations.

6.The self defense flashlight also has 500 lumens bright lighting function, which can meet the needs of users in daily and outdoor lighting, whether it is night return or outdoor camping is very practical.

7.In addition, the survival flashlight is small and portable, which is very suitable for use as a car backup or security scenes. Even if you return at night, you do not have to worry about travel safety.

8.This self defense flashlight adopts a push-button switch design, which is convenient for users to use, and the electricity can be seen at any time, so that users can feel more at ease when using.




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