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Small High Efficiency 3.6V -6V DC high Voltage Generator Step up Power Module

The high voltage module, also known as the DC high voltage generator or step up module


The high voltage module, also known as the DC high voltage generator or step up module, finds extensive applications in diverse fields that require a reliable and efficient high voltage power supply.





Product name

TW-G-AF-1502 step up module



Input voltage


Output voltage






Discharge gap


Input wire length

30mm copper wire

Output wire length

40mm Teflon line

Marking:*The above parameters are manual/instrument measurements, there will be a 10% error, please understand




Stable High Voltage Output: The module is designed to provide a high voltage output, allowing for the generation of a strong and stable electric discharge. Features:

Compact Size: The module is compact in size, making it convenient for installation in different devices or equipment. Its small form factor allows for easy integration into various applications without occupying much space.

Efficient Boosting Mechanism: The step up module utilizes an efficient boosting mechanism through oscillating circuits and transformers. It employs a combination of primary and secondary voltage boosting stages to achieve the desired high voltage output. This efficient design optimizes power transfer and minimizes energy loss during the voltage boosting process.

Direct Current Discharge: The dc high voltage generator generates direct current (DC) high voltage output, which makes it suitable for applications requiring continuous or pulse discharges.

Wide Range of Applications: Due to its high voltage output, stable performance, and compact size, the step up module finds its application in various fields that require high voltage power supply solutions, such as electronic protection equipment, electric shock gloves, stun gun,security devices, security flashlights,electric fence and scientific experiments.



First, high voltage module in stun devices, where it is integrated as a crucial component. By utilizing the boosting capabilities of the module, stun guns and stun batons can deliver a powerful and incapacitating electric shock to deter potential threats.

Secondly, the high voltage module is widely employed in security systems. Integrated within security flashlights or surveillance cameras, it serves as a high voltage power supply to enable features such as electric discharge for self-defense purposes or illuminating larger areas. The stable output voltage and efficient boosting mechanism ensure the functionality and longevity of these security systems.

Furthermore, the high voltage module is also extensively used in scientific research laboratories and experimental setups. It provides the required high voltage output for experiments involving electrical breakdown, high voltage insulation testing, or particle accelerators. Its direct current discharge capability makes it suitable for various research applications that demand precise control over voltage levels and discharge characteristics.





Q1: What's your high voltage module MOQ?
A: We provide you small MOQ for each item, it depends your specific order!


Q2: Do I need a certain technical ability to buy the step up module?
A: Yes, I can provide product specifications, as well as step up module data,


Q3: What is the guarantee of high voltage module quality?
A: Every high voltage module sent out will be tested before leaving the factory, please rest assured.



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