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Electrostatic fume purifier high-voltage power supply

How to deal with barbecue fume? Barbecue smoke can be handled, such as a barbecue oven with a Electrostatic fume purifier high-voltage power supply

How to deal with barbecue fume? Barbecue smoke can be handled, such as a barbecue oven with a Electrostatic fume purifier high-voltage power supply, but it is not very long-term use if you are fixed, you can use refueling smoke purifier high-voltage power supply.


smoke will not only cause pollution to the atmosphere, more importantly, it will seriously harm the health. In fact, the solution to smoke pollution is also very simple, the barbecue stove is placed on the operating platform of the barbecue smoke purification car, and then the oil smoke purification car is connected to the power supply, and the purification switch is turned on.


When the charcoal is lit, it can be seen that the oil smoke generated by the barbecue is collected centrally into the flue by the exhaust system of the oil smoke purification vehicle, and will not invade the human body. The oil smoke collected in the flue is separated and decomposed by the built-in purifier of the oil smoke purification vehicle to achieve the purification effect.

Under the action of the built-in efficient purifier, the smoke uses plasma technology to chemically decompose harmful gases, and uses high-energy electrons and positive and negative ions in the plasma to activate and melt harmful gases, and finally generates harmless products - carbon dioxide and water and a small amount of oil, carbon dioxide is discharged through the chimney, and water and oil pollution can be cleaned regularly.

This method can be used both indoors and outdoors.


product parameter

Input Voltage


Input Current

Max 5A

Output Voltage


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