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High Frequency High Voltage Transformer for Radiofrequency Spark Therapy Apparatus

Radio frequency spark therapy instrument is a combination of modern technology and traditional Chinese medicine.


Radio frequency spark therapy instrument is a combination of modern technology and traditional Chinese medicine.

High frequency spark therapy apparatus is mainly used to treat bone arthritis and painful diseases such as lumbar disc herniation, periarthritis, osteopologically hyperplasia, and fracture sequelae.


Therapeutic principle:

Through 40,000 volt high frequency high voltage transformer, the injected medicinal solution is turned into a magnetic solution, and the drug component is turned into a charged ion, which is 1,000 times faster than the ordinary absorption speed, which greatly improves the treatment effect.

Drugs are transported to the lesion site under the action of electrostatic magnetic fields to generate the therapeutic magnetic field blocking pain.

20,000Hz high frequency rapid vibration, promote the adhesion site loosening and stripping, to achieve healing. In the instrument treatment, only a 0.5 mm diameter puncture needle is used to safely avoid nerves, blood vessels and other tissues, achieving zero risk and zero damage!



Item name: high frequency high voltage transformer

Primary 0.44*16.5 turns, secondary 0.14*1980 turns

Output Voltage:15-18KVDC

Size: Φ25*37.4(±2)Can be customized according to customer requirements

Weight: 38g


Principles of high frequency spark water needle therapy

High frequency electric spark pins therapy is a special therapy formed by applying high -frequency electrical sparks on the basis of traditional water needle therapy and acupoint injection therapy.

High voltage ignition coil sparks break through the air discharge through high frequency high -voltage electrostatic breakdown, forming a discharge farm. The high -frequency current passes through the syringe needle and medicinal solution into the tissue, transmits high frequency energy to the depth of the tissue, producing benign stimuli, and achieves the treatment effect.



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