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women fashion trend high voltage strong protection

With the device in stun mode touch the attacker ' s body with the top of TW-2301 stun gun and press the stun button ( just above the blue LED lights ) Touching any where on the attacker ' s body will have an effect


As a kind of personal defense equipment, mini tasers woman mainly exists for maintaining social order and protecting people's life and property safety. It is a short rod-shaped device with a battery and high-voltage electrical device inside that can be shocked to stop criminal or violent acts. The personal defense equipment has many advantages, such as easy to use, easy to operate, and remarkable effect. It can effectively contain and control dangerous personnel, and has strong deterrence and defense capabilities.


TW-2301 electric shock flashlight for women feature :

Surface Treatment Matte
Material ABS/PC
Color Pink,purple, black,blue,green ,customizable
LOGO and Method UV printing, silk-screen printing
mini tasers woman Size L89*W39*H21.5
Electric Shock Power 9w
Electric Shock Method Fixed shock pad
lithium polymer battery 702517 200mAH
Lighting LED lights Weak light, strong light, flashlight
Battery Indicator Light blue 5 100%
blue 4 80%
blue 3 50%
blue 2 30%
blue 1 10%
Charging interface Type-c




TW-2301 mini tasers woman Method of use Recharging The mini electric shocker must be fully charged prior to use . Recharge using the included USB - C charging cord . When you plug the device in , blue lights on the device will indicate charge level . Once fully charge all lights will remain on .TW-2301 electric shock flashlight will need to be recharged for up to 8 hours every 30 days.


As a self-defense device, the electric shock device is characterized by simple use, easy to carry and easy to operate. It is often used against perpetrators or people who intend to harm themselves, by electrified to prohibit attacks by others or to add a degree of obstruction. The biggest feature of the electric shock device is that it is safe to use and will not cause serious harm to others, but it can effectively stop crime or protect yourself.


Stun function : Slide safety switch to the " stun on "( all the way up ) position . You will see the blue LED lights come on . Press down the stun button ( just above the LED light ). Take caution not to press the button for more than 5 seconds as this may damage the stun device .

With the device in stun mode touch the attacker ' s body with the top of TW-2301 stun gun and press the stun button ( just above the blue LED lights ) Touching any where on the attacker ' s body will have an effect . However , the maximum effect is achieved in the areas on the image to the right .


Using the Flashlight
TW-2301 stun device has both a high / low steady light feature and a strobing light feature on the flashlight . To activate the steady light feature , slide the switch one spot up from off and the steady light will turn on . To toggle throughlight modes slide the switch up to activate the light , then off , and immediatelyback to the middle switch position . Light modes will switch from high beam , low beam , then strobe . Please note , when the switch goes to the next spot up that activates the stun feature , the flashlight will turn off regardless of which light feature is on at the time .

In addition to the above functions and characteristics, we should pay more attention to the use of electric batons and electric shock device specifications and safety. When using these devices, we need to comply with laws and regulations and relevant provisions, ensure that the use of legal products, proper use and storage and other aspects of attention. In this way, you can also better protect yourself and others and prevent unnecessary accidents and losses.

In short, electric batons and electric shock devices are in order to maintain social stability and personal safety and the existence of police equipment, its wide range of applications, the use of remarkable effect. We should pay more attention to laws and regulations and related operational details while regulating the use, so as to make them play the greatest role.


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