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Portable Five in One Safety Protection Stun Gun

A musthave for Nightcrawlers, this lightweight, portable Five in one safety protection Stun Gun,Makes you feel safer walking at night. set high-light flashlight, high-voltage stun, sound and light alarm (high decibel one-button alarm & access control alarm), emergency broken window, covering vehicle emergency, commuter protection, Multi-scenario applications such as travel backup.

self defense flashlight

portable Five in one safety protection Stun Gun


power in a small body, it delivers maximum brightness of 500 lumens, and lights up distance of 150 meters at maximum.

High-decibel buzzer plus strong light flashing offer double protection, which is well prepared for emergencies.

Powerful electric shock.It is powerful enough to defense yourself. Keep this gun away your kids. Don't harm yourselves!


stun gunwomen flashlight

electric shock

lt's convenient to hold and carry the flashlight with a skin-friendly silicone hand strap.


1. Self Defense Flashlight Mode

Turn on/off

Press the button for 0.5s to turn it on/ off. (Note: There is a memory mode for the flashlight; that is every time it's turned on. it starts with the mode in which when it is turned off last time.)


2. Modes Switch

After turning on the flashlight, click the flashlight switch to switch between high and low light.Double-click the flashlight switch quickly to start the detonation gear.


Sound-light Alarm Mode

One Button Alarm

Press the button for 2.5s to turn on/off the sound-light alarm mode(Buzzer and Strobe)

Access Control Alarm


When the light is off, double click the button and after the red indicator light flashes for 5s, the access control alarm starts being on work(The sound-light alarm will be triggered as soon as it feels any vibration, Press the button for 2.5s to turn off the sound-light alarm)

Reminder:lf you need to cancel the set access control alarm double-click the switch directly, and after the green indicator light flashes for 1s, it is turned off.



Electric Shock Mode

Unscrew the tail cap and click the arc switch to turn on / off the electric shock mode.( Smart Protection Design: after the electric shock is on for 5 seconds, it will automatically tum off.)


4. Product Charging

Type-C charging cable is included. With a standard 5V=1A power supply or USB adapter, the product will take 2.5 hours to be fully charged. (During the charging process, the power indicator light is

always flashing red, and when the battery is fully charged, the battery indicator light will turn green.)

Green light-sufficient power (≥50%)

red light-ow power(20%-50%)

red light flashing-insufficient power unable to start electric arc mode(20%)


Power Indicator

Click the button to turn on the power indicator light.


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