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TW-1602 push out propeller women stun gun

TW-1602 Automatic homing feature ,USB interface charging patent:ZL201620163714.9




1.Input voltage:3.7VDC

2.Current capacity:≥1.8A

3.Output voltage:can be customized




1.Distinctive U flash disk design

2.Shell is made of aircraft aluminum,Colorful alumina coating process,aesthetic sophistication can shocking no matter if push out propeller,and with automatic homing feature .

4.large capacity lithium polymer battery ( preventing over - charging and over - discharging protection)

5.USB interface charging .

6.With LED light,high voltage shock functions durable


Usage : Move the safety switch from the left (off) position to the right (on) position.

Press the center LED button to toggle the LED Light.To activate the stun feature, hold down the LED button an push forward to expose the shock probes.Device may take a second before delivering electric current. Once active, the stun feature will continue to fore automatically for up to 10 seconds or until de-activated manually by pressing the LED button again.



The most effective areas to stun on an attacker are upper thigh area ,buttock , lower rib cage and upper shoulder area ,do not discharge the stun gun for more than 5 second at a time, Shocking the head ,neck and heart area is forbidden .


Check your local and state regulations to determine if possession of this device is legal in the jurisdiction it is carried in.  


This device is only allowed to be carried by persons in 18 years of age or older. Purchaser must only use the stun gun in a lawful manner for self defense. Keep away from Children and flammable materials.

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