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TW-501 Stun Gun

TW-501 Mini flashlight type, USB charger




1 with one kind of led light

2.with electric shocking

3. With safety pin, protect yourself from being shocked

4. with connecting wire with plug (for 110V)

5. nickel-cadmium Battery voltage: 3.6VDC

6. Current: ≥2.0A

7. Output voltage: can be customized

8. Weight: 88g

9. Product Size: L128mm×Maximum diameter 30mm



TW-501 follows the traditional functions of stun gun, with powerful electric shock and flashlight, but with a fresh appearance. Firm ABS material and our unique high voltage circuit make this type strong outside and durable inside. 


The most effective areas to stun on an attacker are upper thigh area ,buttock , lower rib cage and upper shoulder area ,do not discharge the stun gun for more than 5 second at a time, Shocking the head ,neck and heart area is forbidden .


Check your local and state regulations to determine if possession of this device is legal in the jurisdiction it is carried in.  

This device is only allowed to be carried by persons in 18 years of age or elder. Purchaser must only use the stun gun in a lawful manner for self defense. Keep away from Children and flammable materials.


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