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Negative Ion Anion Generator

12V High Voltage Negative Ion Anion Generator,Used of Car - mounted household air purifier.We devoted ourselves to Negative ion ozone module many years.



The role of High Voltage ionizer Module:

(1) Fresh air, smoke and dust removal: negatively charged anion and floating in the air with a positive charge of smoke dust electrode neutralization, so that its natural deposition.  

(2) the air negative ions produced can improve the functional state of cerebral cortex, such as make patients excited, mental activities turn better, improve work ability, improve sleep;  Can strengthen the hair humidity, under normal circumstances the head published face was spread out of the fish scale, anion can make the hair surface spread out of the fish scale recovery so that the hair looks more shiny, at the same time can neutralize the electrostatic between the hair to prevent the hair fork.  

(3) production of reactive oxygen: negative ions can effectively activate oxygen molecules in the air, make it more active and easy to be absorbed by the human body, effectively prevent "air conditioning disease".  

(4) Improve lung function: after the human body inhales oxygen-carrying anions, the lung can increase the absorption of oxygen by 20%, and expel 15% more carbon dioxide.  

(5) Promote metabolism: activate a variety of enzymes in the body to promote metabolism.  

(6) protective effect: neutralize the high voltage static electricity of TV and computer, form a layer of anion protective layer in front of it to effectively reduce the damage of high voltage static electricity of TV and computer to eyes, effectively prevent myopia, and reduce the damage of dust to TV and computer.  




Product name

household air clean module

Input voltage


Output voltage


Epoxy curing mode

High temperature curing



Working current


Aeroanion concentration:

≥5*10⁶ PCS/CM3

Product operating temperature


Atmospheric pressure


Product operating humidity

20%~80% (RH)

Work at an altitude of


Product Size


Input Wire Length


Output Wire Length




Input Wire Diameter

φ0.8±0.25mm  copper core:φ0.15mm×16pcs

Output Wire Diameter(Positive)

φ1.0±0.25mm copper core:φ0.15mm×7pcs

Output Wire Diameter(Negative)

φ1.0±0.25mm copper core:φ0.15mm×20pcs

Notice: The above data are laboratory tests of our company, please use or experiment the product within the data range, exceeding or not conforming to the data range will affect the performance and service life of the product.



High Voltage ionizer Module

negative ionizers


Product characteristic: Anion generator is a device to generate air anion, the device will input DC or AC by EMI processing circuit and lightning protection circuit processing, through the pulse circuit, overvoltage current limiting;  High and low voltage isolation lines are upgraded to AC high voltage, and then pure dc negative high voltage is obtained after rectification and filtering by special grade electronic materials. The dc negative high voltage is connected to the release tip made of metal or carbon elements, and high corona is generated by using the tip DC high voltage.  They emit large quantities of electrons (E -) at high speed, which do not last long in the air (the lifetime of existing electrons is only ns class), and are immediately captured by oxygen molecules in the air (O2), thus forming air negative ions.  

Application : air conditioner,electronic fan, air purifiers, electric heater, desk lamp, saving lighting bulbs,humidifier, hair dryer,car purifiers etc.



Q: What product how to choose household air clean module, ozone generator and plasma generator?

A:1)Household air clean module:Applied to hair products, household appliances such as air conditioners, air purifiers and car purifiers.

       2)Ozone generator: Used in swimming pools, hot springs, drinking water, faucets, showers and other water treatment projects; Air treatment, such as cultural homes, hospitals, hotels, conference rooms, refrigerators and shoe cabinets.      
       3)Plasma generator: Mainly used for air purification in refrigerators, hotels, hair dryers and air conditioners. 



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