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Supervoltage Self-defense Stun Gun

The electric shocker 301 represents one of the best models among electroshock means of self-defense which are available in the territory of Europe.


stun gun with LED flashlight

This is TW-301 Type Supervoltage Self-defense Stun Gun with LED Light, easy to carry, just touch the probes to any exposed part of an attacker's body, pull the trigger, and watch him get right out of your body-space. shake flashlight is suitable for joggers, security guards, and people who have to walk home late at night. electroshock also built-in rechargeable battery and flash light for your convenience. Your ideal choice!



Features of a electric shocker of TW-301:

1.High voltage electric shock,Use high frequency circuit , improved output of current, big capability AC discharge the power of output 5 times than impulse designs.

2.Small and light weight for easy carry. Elaborate design suitable for both of men and women

3.Internal rechargeable Power-intensive accumulator. Guarantees to 800 categories against one recharge and about 6 months of autonomous work. battery: Stun gun simply plugs into a standard wall outlet for a complete recharge.

4.Super bright white LED light, and long lighting time.

5.Charging status LED indicator.

6.Power off / Light / Stun mode switch.




Product type



electric shocks,stun gun,self defense device


Security& Protection/Safety Products




Made in china


ABS Plastic

Production capacity


Bright lamp

highlight LED illumination

Source input voltage




power output voltage

(for electric shock) ≥300KV


Rechargeable internal battery Ni-Cd




161mm *51mm*28mm


black or can be customized

Environmental temperature

-20 +45 °C





High power electric shock device with flashlight and built-in battery.
Generates a voltage of 300KV.
Very useful against potential attackers.
Recommended for security and security agencies.
The Electrical Safety Equipment is very noisy, which leads to intimidation of potential aggressors. 




Method of use:

Side the Function Select Switch (on a side of the unit ) up to the middle position and flashlight will turn on. NOTE:The unit will not fire when the flashlight is ON .

To turn the flashlight OFF ,move the select switch to the bottom position.

Testing the stun gun:We recommend test firing the stun gun and becoming familiar with its operation before you need to use it to defend yourself. (WARNING:Do not test fire the stun gun fore more than 3 second as this might damage damage the unit)

Slide the Function Select Switch on the side of the unit up to the topest position.(NOTE:flashlight will not operate while in stun gun mode).

Press the Stun Activation Button to test fire the unit.You will see and hear a charge fire across the top of the unit between the test probes.

Important:Slide the function Select Switch on the side of the unit to the OFF position when you have finished test firing. 



This product is of maximum efficiency and should only be used in case of emergency!

The most effective areas to stun on an attacker are upper thigh area ,buttock , lower rib cage and upper shoulder area ,do not discharge the stun gun for more than 5 second at a time, Shocking the head ,neck and heart area is forbidden .

Check your local and state regulations to determine if possession of this device is legal in the jurisdiction it is carried in.

This product is forbidden to people under 18!



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