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UV lamp step-up transformer high frequency transformer

UV lamp step-up transformer high frequency transformer


Product name: EE19 high voltage pulse transformer

Core shape: EE type

Voltage ratio: according to customers’ requirements

Power phase number: DC two-phase

Cooling method: natural cooling

Note: Products can be customized to meet customers’ demand


1.Epoxy Resin Potting Design

2.Resin potted, sturdy and practical, even in wet weather

3.We select high quality materials, PC44 magnetic core, high efficiency and good effect

4.Copper wire material, good conductivity and high efficiency

5.High power DC two-phase boost step up transformer

Application range: negative ion generator, ozone generator, UV lamp high voltage power supply, mosquito killer lamp

Our company's custom process:

According to customized needs--company quotation--customer confirms sample price--our company proofing--communicate with customers to solve--customer confirms samples--sign contract--customer pays deposit--complete production--customer pays the balance--I Division delivery


Technical guidance -- we provide customers with technical support for pulse igniters

Using high-quality materials

Wide range of applications: ozone generators and high voltage power modules



Communication and cooperation bring perfect close links and unlimited benefits.

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