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TW-808 stun gun for self defense

TW-808 SHOCKERS ÉLECTRIQUES is a very handy pistol-shaped self-defense weapon and its anti-slip ABS material ensures a good grip with a power of 6 million volts.

TW-808 girl safety stun gun offers exceptional maneuverability thanks to its mini-pistol shape which ideally positions the hand on the ergonomic stock and the index finger on the trigger. Thus the grip is firm, there is no risk of a tearing attempt which would be fatal to the criminal because pulling on TW-808 triggers the electric flash that he would receive in full hand.

These are the two qualities that complete this remarkable electric shocker which develops the fabulous power of 6,000,000 volts, enough to "deter" anyone.

The polymer that makes up the carcass of TW-808 has a surprising grip despite the softness and warmth of its contact.

Thus the first contact is direct on the electrodes on the one hand, and on the other hand the trigger is so sensitive that the tension of the index finger placed on it, in contact with the assailant is enough in itself to trigger the electric thunder without having to think about it.


Model: TW-808 electric shocker

Black color

Functions: shocker and lamp

Shocker power: 6,000,000 Volts

Lamp power: 280 lumens

Battery: integrated, rechargeable, mains lead supplied

Safety jack and wrist strap provided

Dimensions : 115 x 90 x 25 mm

Weight: 115 grams battery included

1 years warranty


This small pistol-shaped electric shocker has a power of 2,000,000 volts. Ergonomic, it is designed to ensure a safe grip thanks to its handle and its finger passage hiding the trigger button of the shocker. Rechargeable, it has an anti-tearing safety device, two LED lamps and it comes with a wrist strap and its charging cable.



A safety standard requires the presence of a double switch on the electric stunner ring shocker to prevent any accidental firing. This is the reason why it is advisable to power up by pushing the dedicated button to ON, a red confirmation light will come on, after which it will suffice to take TW-808 in hand, finger on the trigger and the firm support of the pistol on the assailant's body will suffice to trigger the fire of the electric arc of 6,000,000 volts.

Regarding the LED lamp, the procedure is the same, you have to power it up and it's the red tactical button on the top of the TW-808 that will turn it on, the 280 lumens it produces are enough to light up an entire room or a road in the middle of a dark night.



As already described, it is very difficult to snatch the TW-808 from the hands of its wearer, especially since the risk of self-electrocution is major.

stun gun ring has added additional security via a "hands-free" wrist strap fitted with a Jack plug which, in the event of successful removal, will cut off the power supply to TW-808, rendering it harmless.


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