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Self defence electric shock torch TW-2101

We only do high-quality flashlight stun guns, quick response so that our wholesalers do not have to worry about the market after sales, as long as responsible for sales on the line.


The usb rechargeable stun gun produced by Jiangsu Tianwang Solar Technology CO.,LTD. enjoy a high reputation in the world, covering almost 80% of the Self defence electric shock torch market. It is the only electric shocker manufacturer with more than 30 years of production experience, with good quality and excellent price. Keeping a keen eye on customer preferences and keeping pace with The Times, we develop rechargeable self defense tools that sell well to wholesalers every year. Unlike most cheap flashlight stun guns, which break after a dozen uses. We hate fake products, and we know you do too.We only do high-quality products, quick response so that our wholesalers do not have to worry about the market after sales, as long as responsible for sales on the line.


Tw-2101 usb rechargeable stun gun, centralized realization of many customer requirements with strong flashlight, remote lighting, strong electric shock, long service time, power display, alarm function and other advantages. Good defense, cool look. The TW Self defence electric shock torch achieves maximum non-lethal stopping capability because it is made of quality electronic components: transformers, capacitors, batteries and superior engineering to achieve pulse frequencies that incapacitate potential attackers or animals. Our formula is simple: Quality components + excellent installation techniques + strict quality inspection = Best.160 lumen maximum output. The 120DB alarm, easy and quick USB charging, is powered by a rechargeable 500mah polymer lithium-ion battery with internal charging capability and visible LED battery power indicator. We say "No" to cheap batteries. Cheap batteries often fail, and because they can't be removed, the entire flashlight stun guns will be unusable. "Don't bet your life or the safety of your loved ones on an untested, cheap product!"



1. With alarm

2. With battery indicator function

3. Adopt USB interface charging,and convenient to carry

4. High power super bright LED Flashlight 160 Lumen

5. 500 MAH 3.7V polymer battery with high durability, cyclic charging

6. Fashion design with powerful shocking probes



1、Source voltage:3.7VDC       

2、Current capacity≥3.2A

3、Output pulse voltage:500KV       



TW-2101 rechargeable self defense tools Method of use


1. Before using,Need to use the same type of USB cable for charging,it should be charged 1.5-2hours;(Charging method:plug one end of the USB charging cable into the Micro USB connector and the other end into the computer or mobile phone charger.When normal charging,the blue power indicator lights up.After full charge,all indicator lighter will turn blue.

2. Push the function switch,the first gear is lighting,and press the red activation button is alarm . The second gear is shocking.When using shocking,the red light will come on, please press the red stun activation button.

When shocking : There is a visible arc that alternates left and right.  (Note: The arc tends to dominate one side, but if you touch something, both electrodes will be charged.)




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