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gas stove oven igniter

gas stove oven igniter can continue to ignite for several minutes without damage.  These electronic igniters are used in different applications according to their electrical characteristics.

Product Introduction:


Tw-G-KL-01 gas stove oven igniter is characterized by small size and light weight. This SERIES of oven electronic igniter has high efficiency ignition performance, single pole or bipolar high voltage output, various connection and fixed system, the product can continue to ignite for several minutes without damage. These electronic igniters are used in different applications according to their electrical characteristics.

Oven igniter is widely used in electronic oven, electronic salute machine, barbecue oven, oven and other series of products.


product model

TW-G-KL-01 baking stove pulse ignitor

product size


input voltage


output voltage






ignition distance


The input line length


output line

Temperature resistant 500 degrees mica wire (wire length can be customized)

Input wire diameter

Φ2.2±0.5mm copper core:Φ0.15mm×24pcs


* The above parameters are measured by manual/instrument, and there will be 10% error. Please understand



Product Advantages:

1, Tianwang furnace burner ignition transformer are waterproof, prevent aging, prevent the leakage of the epoxy resin glue encapsulation technology, improves the life span of a little bit of firearms and stability, at the same time, make the product in a relatively poor environment can be normal use, such as humidity, low temperature environment will not produce short circuit, leakage phenomenon, to some extent, improved the security of the products.


2. The deck oven igniter is made of imported components. The working voltage of the igniter is stable, and the damage rate within one year is not more than 1%. Both input and output terminals can be equipped with corresponding terminals or ignition pins according to customer requirements.


3, baking stove pulse ignitor high voltage output, instant ignition, and a number of customers to cooperate, assist, research and development of new technology, to ensure a stable, efficient, high quality product quality.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How long is the working time of the gas stove oven igniter?


Answer: The baking stove pulse ignitor can work continuously for several minutes.


2, gas stove oven igniter how to distinguish the input and output line, how to wire?


Answer: The input line of deck oven igniter is generally the same color, which is not divided into positive and negative poles. The color of the line can also be customized according to customer requirements. If the red and black terminals are used, the input red wire is the positive terminal, and the black wire is the negative terminal.


3. How many pieces of furnace burner ignition transformer?


Answer: The furnace burner ignition transformer are packed in standard customized boxes, with a box quantity of 300. (Quantity is determined according to the customized igniter wire length)

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