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Stove head igniter 220V

Jiangsu Tianwang furnace igniter manufacturer always adhere to the quality of the first, we provide customers with quality products, thoughtful service, committed to reducing the lifetime cost of our products, to create a cost-effective electronic igniter for igniter wholesale customers. What Jiangsu Tianwang pursues is not short-term profits, but a response to social responsibility and long-term


Stove head igniter 220V


Stove head igniter 220V High Voltage Pulse Ignitors mainly used for the ignition of Oven,gas burner,infrared gas,gas fireplace,wall-hung mounted igniter controller,floor heating igniter box,Industrial boiler burner,spray painting.


Jiangsu Tianwang Stove head igniter manufacturer always adhere to the quality of the first, we provide customers with quality products, thoughtful service, committed to reducing the lifetime cost of our products, to create a cost-effective electronic igniter for igniter wholesale customers. What Jiangsu Tianwang pursues is not short-term profits, but a response to social responsibility and long-term development.

Stove head igniter 220V

Product Parameter : 

Trade name

220V High Voltage Pulse Ignitors

Supply Voltage


Input Voltage


Output high Voltage pulsed


Circuit Feedback


Pulse Ignition Distance


Pulse Discharge Frequency


Ignition Time


Again Ignition Time


Discharge Energy





Product Introduction

Furnace burner ignition transformer is mainly used for the ignition and control of industrial equipment with the energy of liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas and coal gas. Ignition stability, long service life. Advanced function, in normal use in the case of extinguishing can automatically re-ignition; The use of safe.

High Voltage Pulse Ignitors

Stove head igniter feature :

1.Electronic igniter or switching control ignition.

2.Ignite the gas again automatically if the fire went out accidentally.

3.Automatic monitoring or photoelectric control. If the fire went out, it can give warning automatically.

4.If it failed to ignite the gas or the fire went out accidentally, it can cut off the gas supply immediately.

5.Technology of Single-chip and digital microcomputer.

6.lightning proof.


220V High Voltage Pulse Ignitors Details

★Vibration: amplitude: 1.5; vibratory frequency: 10Hz; it was tested in the direction of X, Y, Z when it has vibrated for 30m.

★Strength of wire coupling: Along the direction perpendicular to the connection wire, the test was made when the wire has been exerted 20N dead load.

★Blow test: At the height of 1m, in the direction of X.Y.Z, the test is made when it has fallen off naturally on a board with a thickness of 30mm.

★Temperature:it is tested after 1hr when the temperature returned to the room temperature with at least 5 times of cycle. Each cycle is within 1.5 hr separately at the temperature of -30℃ and+90℃

★Humidity: It is tested according to GB2423-3 for 48 hours, then it  is tested again after the voltage rating  was put on the igniter. The voltage rating is 0.7 and 1.1 times respectively.

★Durance: At the 1.2 times voltage rating, 4mm discharge distance, it acts continuously for 300hr

★No-loac Test: Open the high pressure terminal, and then ignite for 10hr at the voltage rating ( the accumulated time is 10hr; the timeof switching on the fire is 5s, and the time of switching off is 5s--it is a cycle).  

★High-pressure short-circuit test: Connect the high-pressure terminal to the earth and let it work continuously

For 2hr at 1.1 times voltage rating; then return to the normal test. (The accumulated time is 2hr; the time of switching on the fire is 5s, and the time of switching off is 5s--it is a cycle).

electronic igniter



Q: Can I get the quotation?

A:We usually quote within 12 hours after we get your inquiry. price is according to order quantity . If you are very urgent to get the price, please call us so that we will regard your inquiry priority.


Q:How long does the igniter work?

A: It can be fired continuously for several minutes, guarantee 1 year .


Q: How do your package?

A: The Pulse Ignitors are packaged in a standard custom made outer carton.


Q:Can the high voltage module be customized as our need, such as put on our logo?

A:Surely our can be customized as your need, put on your logo is also available


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