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High Quality Gas Burner/ Oven Spark Ignition Transformer

The TW-G-DHQ type commercial furnace igniter is characterized by its small size and light weight. This series of burner high pressure packs have efficient ignition performance, single or bipolar high pressure output, various connection and fixing systems, and the product will continue to ignite for several minutes without damage.


The TW-G-DHQ type Boiler Pulse Igniter is characterized by its small size and light weight. This series of Pulse Igniter For Fuel Burner have efficient ignition performance, single or bipolar high pressure output, various connection and fixing systems, and the product will continue to ignite for several minutes without damage. These oven igniters are used in different applications based on their electrical characteristics,like Boiler Combustion Gas Stove Ignition.

Commercial furnace ignition transformers are widely used in various commercial furnaces, boilers, stoves, heaters, wall-hung furnaces, floor heating, ovens, gas stoves and other ignition products.



Product Burner High Voltage Pulse Igniter
Model TW-G-DHQ-12V
Input voltage 12V
Output voltage 12KDV±10%
Current 120mA±10%
Input Output Terminal Insert Terminal
Size 87.5*29*32 (±1mm)
Shocking Distance 20mm
Power ≤1.5W
Notes:The above parameters are manual/instrument measurement, there will be 10% error, please understand.




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Applications: gas ovens, stove, heaters, BBQ and other gas appliances 
Outlets for connection to spark plugs 
Various fixing ways


1.Oven Spark Ignition Transformer has high temperature resistance

2.Gas Burner Ignition Transformer is automatic gas ignition systems

3.It could be used with Natural, Manufactured, Mixed, Propane, Liquefied Patroleum Gases and LP Gas-Air Mixtures.




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