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Latest Cheap Heating Coil Lighter

We supply Heating Coil Lighter.We have more than 30 years of lighters production experience.We have our own technical team,we can develop many different kinds Metal Windproof Lighter Flameless Cigarette Lighter, Electric Cigar Cigarette Lighter and so on.Please feel free to contact with us.

Heating Coil Lighter

In our life,lighters are very useful. At present, the common lighters on the market are disposable lighters, gas lighters and oil lighters. Although these lighters are very cheap when they are bought, but if it breaks down, you need to buy a new one, or add gas or oil,not very convenient.Today, let me introduce a Heating Coil Lighter to you,this is not only powerful, but also very cheap. This Metal Windproof Lighter has four colors, gift box packaging and a USB cable. It can be charged at any time and can be used in many bad weathers.

Metal Windproof Lighter

Item No.

TW-DHQ-603 Flameless Cigarette Lighter


Zinc Alloy+PVD ice coated

Power Supply

200mAh Polymer Lithium-ion battery

Charging time

1.5-2 hours

Product size


Product weight


Product package

1pcs/gift box,10pcs/middle box,100pcs/carton

Package weight


Package size

62.5 x 34 x 17 cm


cigarette, paper, gas stove, Aromatherapy,candle, firework etc

*The above parameters are measured manually/instrumentally, there will be a 10% error, please understand.

Arc products support OEM/ODM, please contact us for customization.

Flameless Cigarette Lighter

1. Touch induction ignition Metal Windproof Lighter: as long as the handle is gently placed in the position of the induction switch, it can be ignited.

2.USB cyclic charging Heating Coil Lighter: The use of high-strength thin external equipments improves the internal space efficiency of the battery. By balancing the composition materials of the battery, the battery can be charged quickly and the number of times of cyclic charging can be improved.

3. Mini small portable Electric Cigar Cigarette Lighter , small body Electric Cigar Cigarette Lighter, can be put into cigarette case, easy to carry.

4. Four grid power display Heating Coil Lighter, accurate display of product power, grasp the Product Power anytime and anywhere, convenient charging at any time, avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

5. Windproof Metal Windproof Lighter: do not choose the use environment, even in the outdoor with high wind can be used.Silent ignition, no noise when using.

6. Customization Flameless Cigarette Lighter: customizable photos and personalized signatures, colorful logo, customizable product colors and packing boxes

The product has 10 colors and two different processes (ice plating and wire drawing).

Electric Cigar Cigarette Lighter

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flameless usb lighter

1. Is there any Flameless Cigarette Lighterwith the same function as this one, but smaller size than this one

Yes, the TW-602 Electric Cigar Cigarette Lighter smaller than this one.We also have many different design.


2. Do you have any other Flameless Cigarette Lighter besides tungsten wire lighters?

Yes, we also have many Electric Cigar Cigarette Lighter.


3. Is there a lighter for lighting candles?

Yes, we have many flexible lighters for lighting candles, and our best selling model is TW-603.


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