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Beauty instrument high voltage generator

Jiangsu Tianwang Beauty instrument high voltage generator manufacturer has 33 years of experience in the production of Beauty instrument high voltage generator.

Jiangsu Tianwang Beauty instrument high voltage generator manufacturer has 33 years of experience in the production of Beauty instrument high voltage generator. The high quality high frequency transformer technical team can provide technical support for a series of products such as ignition coil of beauty instrument, and is an excellent partner.

The main working principle of the high voltage generator of beauty instrument is that it is powered by DC power supply of different volts. The high frequency transformer carries out primary voltage boost through the oscillation circuit, and carries out secondary voltage boost through the voltage doubling rectifier module, and finally forms DC high voltage discharge.

Beauty instrument customized ignition coils can be used in medical beauty, wound healing, mole, acne, eliminate skin inflammation, sterilization and disinfection, promote skin care absorption, electronic ignition and other fields.

customized ignition coils Parameter:

product model Ignition coil of beauty instrument

Main dimension length * diameter * height

Input terminal (mm)


Output (white) (mm)


Strip length (mm)


Primary line diameter 0.55mm
Secondary line diameter 0.07mm


Product advantages:

1. Beauty instrument high voltage generator has rich production experience and technical ability, each product has been carefully produced and tested, committed to providing customers with good products and good service.


02 Beauty instrument high frequency transformer adopts high voltage resistance, long life of imported electronic components, double insulation wire, high temperature resistance, leakage prevention, good safety performance.


03. high voltage generator of beauty instrument shell is made of anti-aging, good insulation PP material, in line with ROHS standard epoxy resin vacuum packaging.


1. Can high voltage generator of beauty instrument work directly?

A: Beauty instrument high voltage generator can not work directly, need to match the control board work.

2. Can the product parameters of beauty instrument high-frequency transformer be customized?

A: We are a manufacturer and can customize products according to the parameters required by customers.

3. How to pay ignition coil of beauty instrument customized products ?

Answer: The customized products need to pay 30% in advance, and the goods will be shipped after receiving the 70% balance.


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