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High Voltage Ignition Coil for For Beauty Instruments

We are a professional manufacturer of High Voltage Ignition Coil for For Beauty Instruments,Beauty pen high voltage package,custom pulse ignition coil.We have 33 years of experience in the production of high voltage package generator. In addition to Beauty pen high voltage package, we also support the customization of various high-voltage generators.

The High Voltage Ignition Coil for Beauty Instruments is suitable for all kinds of beauty instruments. It has many advantages and wide application value. It can help people improve skin quality, eliminate various skin problems, and promote skin health. It is an indispensable tool for modern people's beauty care.

Product Name

Beauty pen high voltage package

Main body size

length*diameter*height: 55*27.2*26 (±2) mm

Input Line Length

φ0.55*70 (±5)

Output terminal (white)

φ2.5*100 (±5)

Stripping length

 3.5 (±0.5)

Primary wire diameter


Secondary wire diamete


The main working principle of the Beauty pen high voltage package is powered by DC power supplies of different volts. The custom pulse ignition coil drives the transformer through an oscillating circuit to boost the voltage once, and then boosts the voltage twice through the voltage doubler rectifier module, and finally forms a DC high-voltage discharge.

The High Voltage Ignition Coil for For Beauty Instruments of the beauty instrument is widely used, which can help people improve skin quality, eliminate wrinkles, blackheads and acne, improve the luster and elasticity of the skin, and achieve cosmetic effects. In addition, it is also widely used in medical beauty and wound healing, which can promote skin cell regeneration, accelerate skin healing, and reduce the risk of infection.

Beauty instrument step-up high-voltage pulse transformer can be used in medical cosmetology, wound healing, mole spotting, acne removal, skin inflammation elimination, sterilization and disinfection, promotion of skin care products absorption, electronic ignition and other fields.

The custom pulse ignition coil can also help people spot moles and remove acne, making the skin more refreshed, moist and smooth. Because the product can be sterilized and disinfected, it can also be used to treat skin inflammation and other problems, and has high application value.

In addition, the High Voltage Ignition Coil for For Beauty Instruments can also promote the absorption of skin care products, and use its high-voltage pulse function to accelerate the absorption of skin care products by the skin, so that skin care products can work more effectively. At the same time, the high-voltage package of the beauty instrument can also be used for electronic ignition, which has high practical value.

1. Can the High Voltage Ignition Coil for For Beauty Instruments work directly?

Answer: The Beauty pen high voltage package cannot work directly, and needs to work with the control panel.

2. In addition to this custom pulse ignition coil, do you have other sizes of high-voltage bags for beauty instruments?

Yes, we support customization of various sizes and various parameters. We are a manufacturer and can customize products according to the parameters you need.

3. In addition to custom pulse ignition coil, do you have other types of high-voltage generators?

Yes, we also have DC power high voltage generator, stove igniters, electrostatic generators, oil furnace igniters, fog machine igniters, car igniters and many other products. In addition, we also support customization.


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