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New Energy 12v Input Waste Oil Burner Furnace Ignition Transformer

The ignition transformer used in waste oil burners is designed to provide high-voltage electrical energy to ignite the waste oil.



The ignition transformer used in waste oil burners is designed to provide high-voltage electrical energy to ignite the waste oil. Endurance and durability are important features of an ignition transformer used in waste oil burners, as it needs to withstand constant use and exposure to high temperatures. Additionally, it needs to be able to produce a strong spark even when dealing with low-quality fuel.

In terms of use, the ignition transformer is responsible for creating an electrical spark that ignites the atomized oil mist, which will often require a higher voltage than a standard ignition transformer. This high voltage discharge has enough energy to ignite the waste oil, which results in a reliable and efficient combustion process.



Waste Oil, New Energy Oil, and Fuel Oil Furnace Ignition Transformers with 12V Input Voltage and High Power Capacity are Ideal for Igniting Liquefied Gas, Natural Gas, New Energy Oil, and Atomized Diesel.




Item No.

Waste Oil Ignition Transformer

Input Voltage

DC 12V

Output Voltage

Approximately 12KV



Delay Time


Input Wire

L200mm,Diameter 1.5mm

Output Wire

L200mm,Diameter 1.5mm

Note:*The above parameters are measured by hand/instrument, there will be 10% error, please understand

High voltage package products can be customized, please contact us for customization.





The features of new energy oil ignition transformer :

- Superior durability, ensuring long-lasting working time

- High ignition efficiency

- High temperature resistance

- Compact size for easy installation

- Affordable and backed by our quality guarantee


The ignition transformer is an essential component for furnaces burning waste oil, new energy oil, and fuel oil. It has a 12V input voltage and high power capacity, which makes it ideal for igniting various types of fuels. It is designed to provide a high voltage spark that can ignite the fuel, enabling it to burn efficiently. In addition, it provides a longer ignition time, which enhances the stability of the flame and improves combustion efficiency.

Ignition transformer specifically designed for waste oil burners is required.  The waste oil ignition transformer must be durable and reliable, as it will be exposed to high temperatures and constant use.  This makes it highly durable, and it can be used in various environments without the risk of damage or failure.


Don't settle for a subpar ignition system that can dampen the performance of your burner. Upgrade to waste oil burner ignition transformer and witness the difference in performance and reliability today!



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