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Our mission is doing every product well and searching every customer well, to be the most trusted supplier of products for stun guns, mosquito swatter, arc lighter and high voltage transformer. When companies are willing to take any measures to achieve“rapid price cuts”, we are more inclined to conduct business in an old-fashioned way. We believe that virtues like honesty, fairness, and truthfulness never go out of date and are still the best foundation on which to grow a business. 

No matter from components to end product or from quality management to after-sales service. We try our best to achieve excellence so that the popularity and credibility of Tianwang brand are continuously improved, and the international market share has been rising year by year and praised by customers from all over the world.  Adhering to the affordable price, no games, just selling products in good faith. We will continue to uphold, focus, create, support and rely on our users with diligence and enthusiasm.

Stun Gun
Self Defense Tools
Police Baton
ARC Lighter
Electronic USB Lighter
Candle lighter
High voltage generator
Taser&Stun Gun Module
Arc Lighter Transformer
Burner Ignition Transformer
Wedding Equipment Igniter
High Voltage Ignition Coil
Electric Livestock Prods
Electric Fence Energizer