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How to choose a fog machine igniter?

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Mist Sprayer machine, also known as electric sprayer, belongs to plant protection equipment. In daily agricultural work, farmers need to spray pesticides on crops from time to time to kill pests. They need a tool electric sprayer. Traditional sprayers are shaken manually, which is complicated and time-consuming to operate. With the development of modern agriculture, the planting area is more inclined to large and medium-sized farms. Mist sprayers are divided into liquid type, pneumatic type and centrifugal type. According to the carrying method, it is divided into hand-held, backpack, pedal, stretcher, trolley, self-propelled, vehicle-mounted, suspended, etc., as well as aviation drone sprayers.



The fog machine igniter is designed and manufactured by using the working principle of the high-voltage dc power supply to ignite the jet engine, and is used for pesticides, disinfection and sterilization or fertilization. Mist sprayer igniter is not only used for pest control and fertilization in agriculture, forestry, garden fruit trees, etc., but also widely used in urban sanitation, animal husbandry, warehousing and logistics, food processing plants, waste and sewage treatment plants, public places and household disinfection. bacteria, the scope of application is very wide. The mist sprayer has the characteristics of light weight, high power, easy to carry, easy to use, good atomization effect, and large coverage.



Since 1995, Tianwang has developed and produced high voltage dc generators for agricultural and forestry machinery sprayers. We have mature technology and product markets. The fog machine igniter can be continuously ignited for 10 minutes without damage, and the ignition performance is strong. The fog machine igniter has stable performance, long service life, controllable quality and low damage rate. Support OEM and ODM customization. Support customization of the product size and parameters to meet customers’ needs. Welcome to consult: Zona Fan


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