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Haier gas stove igniter

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The Gas Stove ignition device developed recently by our R&D department is a brand new type of gas stove ignition device. This electronic pulse igniter is developed in cooperation with Haier Company, which features small outer size and light weight.

This series of gas stove igniters have high ignition performance and single or double pole high voltage output, various connection and fixing systems. The continuous ignition time of the products is several minutes without damage.

These gas stove igniters are used for different applications according to their electrical properties, and they can quickly ignite combustible gases such as liquefied gas, natural gas, alcohol, gasoline, diesel, etc. The electronic pulse igniter is widely used in fuel stoves, water heaters, various stoves, heating installations, wall-mounted stoves, ovens, industrial boilers, iron smelting and steelmaking.



The ignition process of these gas stove igniter is simple, safe, reliable and energy-saving. When the user wants to use it, just press the start button, the current pulse is generated and sent to the igniter through the control circuit. The electric pulse and current can quickly generate high energy to form a spark, which can ignite the combustible gas.

All the components of this kind of gas range use high-integration and high-precision components and advanced production technology, making them effective, reliable and safe. In addition, the small size and light weight of the gas stove igniter are in line with the modern trend of miniaturization, which makes them popular in current household applications.

The pulse gas burner igniter has the features of high safety and reliability with high temperature resistance and electrostatic resistance, and it can operate stably in the environment of -40~85℃. What's more, the display lights and audio indicate the status of work which can be used in all brands of gas ovens and so on. This new type of gas stove ignition device has solved the problem of high temperature and heat insulation in stoves and greatly improved the safety performance and operational efficiency of the entire oven.

Parameters: length*width*height:77*32*30(+/-2), input end red+black-: phi*1.8*300 (+/-5), output end white: phi2.5*300 (+/-5), input voltage: dc12v, output voltage: 11kv +/-1kv, working current (+/-10%):1.8a, power: 21.6w, spark distance: 1-5mm.

Our powerful technical team will win the quality assurance for the brand and make every effort to make customers satisfied.


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