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High voltage electrostatic generator and How to Choose an Electrostatic High Voltage Module

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A high voltage electrostatic generator is an essential device in electrostatic powder coating. The high voltage transformer in the electrostatic spray gun generates high voltage static electricity, which allows the powder to adhere to the surface of the workpiece. According to the corona discharge theory, powder particles must be charged in a high voltage electric field (60kV - 100kV) generated by the corona discharge of the air around the spray gun nozzle.


The high voltage electrostatic generator provides the high voltage electric field required for electrostatic spraying. Its negative high voltage output is connected to the high voltage discharge needle of the electrostatic spray gun. The discharge needle generates a large number of free electrons through corona discharge at the end, and the powder coating is atomized by the air and sprayed out from the gun. The powder is attracted to the positively charged grounded workpiece surface by the combined action of air thrust and electric field force, forming a powder coating. This coating can adhere to the workpiece surface for a long time and is not easy to fall off, but can be removed by a brush or compressed air. When choosing an electrostatic high voltage module, in addition to the price, it is crucial to consider the geometry of the coated workpiece and the quality requirements of the coating. If the geometry is simple and the coating quality requirements are not high, low-end electrostatic high voltage module products can be selected. On the contrary, if the geometry is complex and the coating quality requirements are high, high-end electrostatic high voltage module products are needed. In addition, when choosing a high voltage electrostatic generator, factors such as its service life and after-sales service should also be considered. These are all essential factors that must be considered.


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