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Report of the 2017 annual meeting

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At noon that day for the vast number of employees to provide a platform to show themselves, communicate with each other! A wealth of program content, wonderful singing, affectionate solo ...

Drive the atmosphere of the whole party, for the staff to provide a good visual feast!

December 31, 2017 the company held an annual celebration

Moderator: Director Pan 1, the General Assembly by fan always give us a summary of 2016 years of overall work overview, basically according to the plan to complete the task. Planning the Grand blueprint for 2017 sets new goals and points us in a new direction.

After listening to us also determined to produce and sell on the new steps. 2, the next game interaction, we actively participate in I think this is team spirit.

And it's OK to play on the spot. 3, the next 5 members signed up for singing in advance, the performance is good. Such a programme suggests that more time will be held in the future.

Live to everyone atmosphere, increase corporate culture to improve the quality of everyone.

4, the whole process is on the spot, I think the holding of a good.

5, finally wish 2017 Skynet company towards a new future, we work together!!!

Joined the Skynet family has been more than 5 years, every year of the annual celebration will bring me surprises, the whole process of laughter constantly, everyone's face is filled with joy and joy. Shangnan presided over the very coherent, if the Putonghua can be a little more standard, it can be described in two words, that is ...

Perfect ~~~~

Tongue twister Link is the most brilliant part, Skynet colleagues actively participate in the enthusiasm to impress me, cousin holding cousin, cousin do not let cousin hug, even say 5 times, there are mistakes, but also to bring endless laughter to everyone. What resonates with me most is that music is indeed the most infectious, the most magical thing, the wonderful song can pass everyone's voice in each other's hearts, music is no age, professional boundaries!

Next time we can organize a number of K song activities, it must be difficult to win and lose points, haha ~~~~ All in all, it's really great to have such a good effect in a short period of time, think about 2017, we Skynet will be more and more good!

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