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Safety is greater than production, fire drills are a complete success

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In order to further strengthen the fire safety education of company personnel, improve fire prevention and control capabilities and emergency response capabilities,learn to use fire extinguishers and fire fighting equipment properly,Our company organized a practical fire drill at 1 pm on July 4, 2017.Under the leadership of the company and the active participation of all employees of the company,full preparation for the exercise,Regular exercise procedure,Orderly, good results.The exercise started at 13:00 and ended at 14:00.The whole exercise was carried out from the alarm, the police, the dispatch, the fire extinguishing, the aftermath to the comment, and the hierarchy was clear and orderly.Voluntary firefighter skill movements are fast,the fire fighting command procedure is clear,requests for reports, orders, and language expressions are short and accurate.

Through this personal participation drill ,all employees have a certain degree of practical experience in the correct use of fire-fighting equipment for fire accidents to a certain extent.Basically completed this fire drill, also achieved the intended purpose.

2018年12月7日 16:58