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Principle and use method of high voltage generator

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high voltage module


High voltage module is a continuous or instantaneous generation of high voltage output module equipment, which is based on the principle of rectification and voltage doubling, today we detail the principle and use of high voltage generator.


Principle of high voltage generator

The high voltage module is mainly divided into several important components:

Input power, high voltage package usually use battery and mains power as input power, select the appropriate power to rise to the suitable high voltage range.

Voltage doubling circuit: the rectified direct current through the voltage doubling circuit to increase the voltage. A voltage doubling circuit is usually a circuit composed of capacitors and inductors that achieves voltage multiplication through periodic charging and discharging.

Output control: The DC high voltage generator is also equipped with an output voltage regulator, which can change the output voltage by adjusting the resistance value of the device.

Use method of DC high voltage module

To use the HVDC HV module, follow the following steps:

1. Connect the power supply: Connect the DC high voltage package to the mains power supply, and ensure that the input voltage meets the requirements of the generator.

2. Connect the load: Connect the equipment or experimental circuit that needs to be powered to the output of the DC high voltage generator.

3. Adjust the output voltage: Change the output voltage by adjusting the output voltage regulator of the generator as needed.

4. Turn on the power: Turn on the switch of the DC high voltage generator and start the power supply.

5. Safe operation: When using the DC  high voltage module, the relevant safe operation procedures must be followed. For example, wear insulating gloves and goggles, ensure that the experimental environment is dry, and ensure that there are no inflammables around to prevent hazards such as electric shock and arcing.

high voltage generator

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