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High voltage generator for Electronic Pig Stick doesn't stop at Stock Movement

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electric shock voltage transformer


The electric shock voltage transformer used in the electric pig sorrting paddle is mainly used to generate high voltage electricity for driving domestic animals such as pigs and sheep. However, the application of such Electric Livestock HVG is not limited to this, and can also play a role in several fields. Here are some possible application scenarios:


1. Electronic fence: Farm Shepherd Livestock Tools can provide enough voltage for the electronic fence to drive away or warn invading animals or people.

2. Mousetraps: Some mousetraps also use high voltage generator of Electric Livestock to generate enough electricity to kill or paralyze rats.

3. Electronic bird repellents: In the field of agriculture, electric shock voltage transformer can be used to manufacture electronic bird repellents to protect crops from birds.

4. Scientific experiments: In physical and chemical experiments, it may be necessary to use high voltages flyback transformer to simulate specific experimental conditions or drive certain devices.

5. Industrial applications: In some industrial production processes, high voltage may be required to drive motors or other equipment.

6. Medical equipment: Some medical equipment may require high voltage transformer of Stock Prodders to drive. For example, some types of medical imaging equipment may require the use of high voltages.


It should be noted that different application scenarios may have different requirements for high voltage generator. When selecting a high voltage transformer, its voltage, current, power and other parameters should be considered to ensure that it can meet the needs of a specific application.

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